Friday, March 26, 2010

In Search of Sandstone - Moab Edition

After months of anticipation we finally took off on our long awaited trip to the Red Rock Rendezvous with planned stops along the way to Moab, UT, Joes Valley, Triassic and St. George. It didn't exactly work out like that, but we still had a blast.
We left Spokane at 6pm en-route to Moab, UT, 16 hours away. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning the car began to over heat so we ended up rolling through Salt Lake with snow on the ground, the windows down and the heater all the way up. After a pretty uneventful and uninspiring sunrise we rolled into Moab and went straight to Pancake Haus for breakfast followed by a trip to GearHeads to pick up the Utah Boulder guide. Then rather than sleep we headed out to Big Bend.

Joe looking like a ball of sunshine after being up for 30 some-odd hours:

Matt warming up on the Sandy Traverse Boulder
This is just a fun problem:

Joe climbing, Matt dismounting, I could not be more pleased with the weather that day:
Toppin' Out

Joe is a big fan of things that make him look taller, like wide lenses and standing near me:

After getting our fill of the Sandy Traverse we moved northwest of it (I can't remember the boulders name right now) to a fun problem that i just couldn't quite get when I was down there in November. I think I was suffering a mental block, but either way this time with a little work it went down:

Joe did work on it too, but he is going to have to re-visit Moab to get the clean send:
Every time I go to Utah or Nevada I am so happy to see all of the red rocks and cacti. Including both in a photo just makes my day, soooo pretty!

Matt smashing a problem that plagued me, big surprise:
This guy was there from Cheyenne with his girlfriend. He and Matt worked Circus Trick v$ for a while, to no avail:
Mmmmm.....huecos are nice for barefoot heel hooks:

Toward the end of the day we were getting tired and hungry and losing motivation, you'd never guess though....

This problem was on the south face of this same boulder, it was crimpy and balancey, just my style!

Finally once we were completely trashed we wandered back into Moab and got a cabin at the Lazy Lizard where we ate some food and sat in the hot tub and marinated until the thunder and lightning started. The rain hadn't let up the next morning so we decided to pull up our roots and venture on down the road toward warmer drier climates.

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