Sunday, March 7, 2010

(Not so) Screaming Barfies

February 2010. I am so thankful for an unseasonably warm and dry winter. Last year we hit Vantage early in the season and froze nearly to death. This year at the encouragement of the crew from the westside we decided to give it another go since it had been long enough since the last unpleasant experience that it was no longer as vivid a memory in our minds, Just flashes of campfires, unicycles and a rockin' spodie.
This year's intro to the outdoor climbing season was much more pleasant. Sun, sun and more sun!

Day one: Sunshine Wall

Sarah playing rope gun on her first lead on the Sunshine Wall:

Jon Jantz; photographer, dirtbag, future millionaire. Slaying hipsters since before the thrift store clothes they like were considered vintage.

Kaitlyn- She totally kicked ass on her first time out on real rock!

Vantage Point 5.9(?) It may be an 5.8, I can't remember. This is one of my favorite climbs on the sunshine wall. Alas, we never go on it because it was so high traffic the whole weekend. There's always next time though.

Matt playing the part of belay slave. Thanks for being a rope-gun all weekend!

Hakuna Matata 10a. Another Sunshine Wall classic. I think everyone in our group made it up it.

Joe enjoying the view of Echo Basin

Not a lot of Climbing photos from the Sunshine Wall, I was busy climbing! We all soaked up the sun and had our fun then headed back to camp for some warm food and refreshments. A big "Thank you!" to the guys in the next camp who allowed us to commandeer their campfire while enjoying the aforementioned beverages.

The scene the next morning:

Watch this space for Vantage pt. 2 "The Feathers" I've got a ton of climbing photos from Sunday that I'll post when I find the time!

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