Friday, March 12, 2010

Vantage version 2.0.

Purging the rest of my Vantage photos before I leave this afternoon for more sandy pastures. I'm headed down to Moab, Triassic and Red Rock with Matt and Joe so if I don't post these now they may never get posted at all!

I climbed up to the top of The Feathers with my trusty 7D and anchored in for a photo session. It seems like I was up there for DAYS! My legs went numb while I danced around waiting for Sanders to teach a lead climbing/belaying clinic. Sarah was the first one up:

Jared....screwing off? Who'da thought? At least he's not on belay. I'm just teasing, I love that guy. Definitely the coolest weirdo I've met via Facebook.

Joe doing a mock-lead for his first time, he's learning quickly:

Alyssa doing her mock-lead as well and making it look good! I love when someone is easy to photograph, it makes dangling there with my legs going to sleep go much more smoothly.

Kaitlyn isn't quite up for a lead yet, but she was able to keep up this weekend, she did really well for her first time on real rock!

Rezzy is also kicking ass for only having been climbing for a couple of months. Here she is hanging out at the top of Don Coyote (5.9)

Alyssa doing her first actual lead, she did great! Now she just needs to take her first whipper!

Matt, my awesome climbing partner/rope gun. It's nice to have someone who is always willing to hang your draws no matter what you throw at him.

Again, Jon and his awesome shirt.

Good lighting, fill flash, blue sky with happy clouds and an awesome sweater. Nope, not much can improve upon this photo.

On the way to Blustery's (No Vantage trip is complete without a burger and a shake!) We got lost and wound up on Mars or something....This guy made his astronaut suit from duct tape, pretty impressive really.
The whole gang:

Up next: UTAH!

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