Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Red Rock Wrap Up

All great adventures must come to an end, here is the wrap up on the Red Rock Rendezvous Adventure 2010. I am way behind on my other postings so I need to get all of this out of the way!
I'm already counting the days until next years adventure!

The Wall of Confusion is very aptly named, it took a bit of wandering and scrambling to figure out where the heck I was going.

Our main motivation for going to the Wall of Confusion was so that Matt could get on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (5.12a). There was a bit of a line but this guy from California hung the draws and then everyone got on it.

While we waited out turn we climbed the vertical crimpy nonsense to the left of it. I liked it and therefore the boys weren't amused. Joe did manage to lead his first 10b. Pretty good for learning to lead the week before the trip.
These photos of Matt on Fear and Loathing were taken by Joe while I belayed.
It didn't go clean this year but now he has something to look forward to next year.


After Matt had his fun we headed back to the Sweet Pain Wall and climbed one of the most fun routes of the trip, I believe it was The Gambler:

Joe's turn:

My turn, it's nice to have a few shots of myself this year! (Damn I look buff in this shot!)

The next day on the way out of town we decided to stop by Red Spring and boulder a little bit. The motivation levels were low and we didn't accomplish a whole lot, but it was still a good way to cap off a great week. (Followed by a 50pc chicken mcnugget of course)

The Red Springs Boulder

Matt on a v3 on the Red Springs Boulder:

Myself on the Sundial:

Admittedly Joe got the first send of this problem after a lot of struggling and hard work then I followed up it next.

UP NEXT: Deep Creek!


  1. So I went to your flickr page to look at watermarks... and see you standing buck naked in a hot spring. So that's Stanley Hot Springs. Might make a good snowshoe trip.
    I tried to get into Olympic Hot Springs last week, but the trail has been closed completely, even to foot traffic, due to work being done on prepping Lake Mills for drainage.

  2. Stanley would probably be fine to snow-shoe there is one big river ford but if you go before any of the snow starts melting you should be fine. Also, I don't have an email for you anymore, I was going to mail you back and alas there was nothing!
    ( still here)