Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Excuses Excuses....

Well, it's happened again. Spring and Summer have come and gone and you've hopefully all been playing outside so you didn't notice my lack of blog updates...I feel like I owe you a few blogs so we'll start back with a trip to Leavenworth in April. There was actually snow all over our campsite still, but the weather was good despite a the weather forecaster's threatening rain.

Day #1 we headed out to Carnival first:

Ian warming up at carnival boulders

Ian's brother Gabe was a natural

Molly took her turn and did great for the first time out of the year as well.

Joe gave the Rib (v4) a go and got shut down, but at least there is something to go back to

As usual the Rib also kicked my ass. I am so close I can taste it but it's still eluding me

Ian giving it a go as well. I believe he finally got it.

Pad People! (Headed up to Mad Meadows)

Sarah on Pockets (v4)

Joe grabbing the finish hold only to suffer a weekend-ending cut on his hand.

Ian fighting No Pain No Grain (v5)

Matt getting on his old nemesis...he finally sent it and insists that he's never going ot do it again.

Obligatory hand photo at No Pain.

Jake (I have a definite b/w theme going here)

Stephen in Swiftwater Cave

Jake FINALLY smashing Bubbles (v0-)

Kale getting the onsight

Joe at Barney's Rubble

And I shall end on this shot...this is what happens when one (namely me) lies out on the LZ pad while the boys restlessly mill about waiting for me to get the send so we can go get chicken nuggets and head homeward bound. Needless to say the v4 I was working on didn't go and eventually after much screaming and wiggling I was released.

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