Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last Leavenworth Trip of 2010

The leaves have changed and mostly fallen to the ground and there is a bite in the air, it's time to send those projects before the snow flies! The granite isn't going to get any more grippy!
This time we slept in style, we rented a 'cabin' (read as: very nice house) in Plain, WA with a loft and a hot tub and we spent the weekend enjoying warm showers and hot meals.

I failed at putting things in chronological order but I doubt any of you would notice. Here's the action from Mad Meadows:

And a little fun around the Straightaway Boulders (Once we finally found them!) This little V3 down the hill from WAS is super photogenic but I had wayyyyyy too many people milling about to get the look I was going for. I do plan on going back next year though for a late night shoot.

IS on WAS (I think?)

Backdoor Ass Attack (v5) at Lower Forestland.

Mad Meadows - V5 next to Drug Store Cowboy, the name escapes me but congrats to Jake on smashing it!
Josh on Sword Fish (v2)
And a little taste of fall that is probably already long gone.

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