Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At-Vantage; subtitle: Fail Trip.

Vantage (aka Frenchman's Coulee) is a great poor weather destination located in the middle of Washington state. It's almost equidistant from Spokane (140mi) and Seattle (145mi) so it's also a good place to meet up with my west side friends. The winter are mild, and it is usually dry when Seattle or Spokane are being dumped on.

Initially I was going to post a trip report on my visit a few weeks ago but due to a cold, a bad hangover and a sand storm I really have nothing interesting to share aside from a couple of short routes and a visit to Blustery's for their famous Logger Burger (oh and shakes that are to die for!). So in lieu of a complete trip report I figured I'd take my standard approach and just show you some pretty pictures.

(As always, clicking on the photos will take you to a variety of different and interesting outside links)

Sunshine Wall