Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At-Vantage; subtitle: Fail Trip.

Vantage (aka Frenchman's Coulee) is a great poor weather destination located in the middle of Washington state. It's almost equidistant from Spokane (140mi) and Seattle (145mi) so it's also a good place to meet up with my west side friends. The winter are mild, and it is usually dry when Seattle or Spokane are being dumped on.

Initially I was going to post a trip report on my visit a few weeks ago but due to a cold, a bad hangover and a sand storm I really have nothing interesting to share aside from a couple of short routes and a visit to Blustery's for their famous Logger Burger (oh and shakes that are to die for!). So in lieu of a complete trip report I figured I'd take my standard approach and just show you some pretty pictures.

(As always, clicking on the photos will take you to a variety of different and interesting outside links)

Sunshine Wall


  1. You have some amazing places to climb over there in the US! The first photo is fabulous, and rather outshines my indoor climbing in London!

  2. That's too bad that you don't have a lot of outdoor options, I'm lucky to live in a place that is less than 2 hours from at least 9 great crags! Too bad winter lasts about 9 months here, I see a lot of gym time too.