Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kirkham Hot Spring - Lowman Idaho

Kirkham Hot Spring is located just outside of Lowman, ID on the scenic South Fork of the Payette River. The pools and waterfalls are visible from Highway 21. There is a campground at the spring that is usually packed. Expect to be sharing your soak!

The campground does have picnic tables and pit toilets. It opens officially on May 20th and has a camp host on site, so behave yourselves! There is a small camping fee and a $5 parking fee during peak seasons.

This is a high visibility soak and swimsuits are required. If you aren't looking to get into the pools or stand under one of the many hot waterfalls cascading down the hillside there is also a short interpretive trail about the eco-system.
Please be respectful of the area and pack out any trash that you find. Leave the springs looking better than when you arrived to ensure their beauty for the next visitors.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mudslide Leavenworth - It Happened Again

Mother Nature strikes again, Icicle Creek in Leavenworth again is her target.

I had been planning to post a blog for about a week announcing that they had cleared the massive early spring mudslide on Upper Icicle Road. They accomplished this feat in a single work day back in May and were just waiting to repave the road. Unfortunately I waited too long and it has happened again.

On June 11th yet another slide came down from the saturated hills and blocked the road, this time trapping about 30 campers and recreational users above the slide. The slide remained unstable through the night and the campers, hikers, and climbers were forced to wait until the next day when crews were able to bring in heavy machinery and create a narrow path for cars to drive out through.

Icicle Road remains closed at 8 Mile Road until further notice. Officials expect more slide activity before the area dries out for the summer. Keep checking back here as I will post updates as they become available to me.